Dandong Yongfeng Superfine Power materials Co.,Ltd. And Kuandian Liaodong Brucite Minerals belonged to Dandong Yongfeng Minerals Co.,Ltd. , The total property in business enterprise amounts to RMB35,000,000, employee more than 600 persons, is a connected sequence" group" for including Brucite、 Calcite、 Talcum、 Marble、 Jade、Magnesium and lead zinc etc. mining for minerals, processing, export trade business enterprise. Especially Kuandian Liaodong Brucite Minerals, have prospected reserves more than 10000000 tons, the ability of mining and processing 150,000 tons/ year.Reserves and quality is the No.1 in the world. Brucite calcined is used for the environmental protection, takes off the sulphur and fire-proof material and building materials, fertilizer etc. Superfine brucite after surface activates to handle, used for suppressing smoke rising and filling etc. in the product of rubber and plastics, is a kind of newly inorganicly material preventing burning without halogem, the market have great potentialities.
  The company is continually opening up and keeping forging ahead, setting up quality brand of “Yongfeng” with the image, and wholeheartedly welcome to cooperate in many ways with friends of social various circles, create glorious future together.

  Management—taking persolanl as its essential
  Market—taking creilility as its essential
  Product—taking quality as its essential
  Development—taking science and technology as its essential